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At Fine Line Cabinets we can Design, Fabricate, Finish and Install Custom Cabinets for your Kitchen, Bathroom, Master Suite, Entertainment Center, Home Theatre, Bar and more!  Our craftsmen handmake and finish all of our Custom Cabinets at our shop in Faribault.  Whether you are remodelling your kitchen or building a brand new house, we can help.
Design Fine Line Cabinets designs custom cabinets from their shop in Faribault, MN.
Whether you need Custom Cabinets for your Kitchen, Home Entertainment Center, Bathroom or a variety of other applications.  We can design our Custom Cabinets to fit your space.
At Fine Line Cabinets, we custom make all of our cabinets at our shop in Faribault, MN. Fabrication
At Fine Line Cabinets, we fabricate all of our cabinets by hand.  Our staff of 4 craftsmen use their expertise to fabricate and create a better and well constructed product for your home.  
Finishing Fine Line Cabinets can give your custom cabinets whatever finish you desire.
We can finish our cabinets in any way you like!  Whether its staining and coating with a high gloss lacquer or painting them in the colors you pick, we can make our Custom Cabinets a perfect match for your purpose.
At Fine Line Cabinets, we can install your custom cabinets so they fit perfectly in your home. Installation
At Fine Line Cabinets, we can install your cabinets wherever you need them.  It helps to ensure that your cabinets are hung properly and remain safe and unharmed throughout the process.
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